CLT - Massive Wood System

Building with CLT massive wood

Wood is the construction material of the future and, as such, is becoming increasingly important. Growing social awareness of resource conservation and simultaneous technical developments are bringing mankind’s oldest building material back into the spotlight. The starting point is the forest as the main supplier of materials. Through the intensified use of wood, “new forests” are emerging in our cities and towns, providing a substantial store of carbon which eases the burden on the environment. At Stora Enso, our key focus is “building with solid wood” and we believe in this sustainable and energy-efficient construction method for both the public and the private sectors. Building with CLT makes an important contribution to protecting the climate and the environment. CLT is PEFC-certified which means that we guarantee that our wood is derived from sustainably managed forests.



Wood as a construction material has taken on greater importance than would have been thought possible just a few years ago. Structural research has brought about major improvements to the fire safety and soundproofing of timber structures, and material developments and computer-assisted calculation and assembly methods are enabling completely new forms of design. Forests cover over 48% of the total area of Austria, and with a share of 60%, spruce is the most common tree and the main construction timber used. CLT is made from PEFC-certified softwood derived from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. A PEFC certificate guarantees that CLT is produced according to the highest environmental and ethical standards.


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Building with wood reduces CO2 emissions

Building in the most energy- and resource-efficient way is in everyone’s interest. Widely available everywhere, wood is a natural and sustainable raw material which grows back faster than it is used up. In Austria, trees produce enough wood every 40 seconds to build a timber house. During its growth, a tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A building constructed with solid wood stores carbon for centuries. At the same time, with the help of solar energy and photosynthesis, new trees grow back and absorb more carbon. 1 m³ of wood stores approx. one ton of CO2, thus the use of wood plays an active role in reducing the greenhouse effect. A timber house which is disassembled after centuries of use does not leave behind worthless rubbish, but rather utilisable wood. Individual elements can be reused, while scrap wood can be used as a source of energy.



Manufactured with pride in Austria

CLT is a solid wood construction product consisting of at least three bonded single-layer panels arranged at right angles to each other. From five layers, CLT can also include middle layers (transverse layers) without narrow side bonding. It currently measures up to 2.95 × 16 m. CLT solid wood panels are made up of several layers and are available in different panel thicknesses depending on structural requirements. The layers are bonded using environmentally-friendly adhesives. CLT is an approved and tested construction product and its production process is subject to strict external tests. These tests ensure high-quality and safe construction with CLT. Diligent production planning ensures that the raw materials for producing CLT are used in the most efficient way. With correct planning, construction and protection against adverse weather conditions and damp, CLT buildings can last for centuries.


Advantages of CLT

We strongly believe that CLT is the construction material for a sustainable future. CLT offers many advantages over conventional construction materials:

  • positive CObalance
  • environmentally-friendly and sustainable construction method
  • CLT is lighter than concrete or brick
  • good insulating properties
  • excellent fire safety characteristics
  • short set-up time, easy to assemble and high level of prefabrication
  • excellent structural properties and dry construction method
  • earthquake-proof construction method
  • up to 10% more living space gained by using CLT
  • comfortable and healthy indoor climate


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